You have discovered kernel-image, a provider of experience-stimulating content and interactivity. Similar to the hidden component of a computer operating system, kernel-image works behind the scenes to mediate the flow of information between virtual desires and physical hardware.

Feel free to look at the reel above or peruse other projects below.
Blaze "Play-Along-Video"
Highlights from Blaze "Play-Along-Video" iOS apps Five Alarm Blaze, Pickle Power, Mega Mud Robot, Knighty Knights, and The Wishing Wheel for Nickelodeon. Programmed interactivity in Unity.
Kernel-Image Card AR
AR business card activation for Android using Maya, Unity, and Vuforia. Download card and apk to try on your own device, or simply reach out!
Cookoo Clock
Interactive real-time WebGL 3D rendering in browser using three.js and Blender. Press 'A' or 'D' to rotate the model. The bird comes out on the hour, but feel free to knock.
kernel-image 2014 reel
Highlights from older animation//rendering//compositing projects. Breakdown available here
VR experience inspired by the mythical king with the touch of gold. Made with Maya and Unity. Requires Leap Motion controller. Tested on Oculus Rift DK2. Download here [windows 64 bit]
Gaze-based navigation VR prototype made in Unreal Engine. Architectural design by Safwat Riad.
Introduction to a film that was never made, about the enigma of Sherlock Holmes's death. Modelled and animated with Maya and 3dsMax; rendered in VRay.
Short film about a scientist's attempt to manipulate botanical DNA in an immersive virtual environment by opticaly synchronizing her mind with a computer interface. Produced in collaboration with Jon Fila using Cinema4D, Maya, Nuke, AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. View development process: Concept sketches or Pre-vis